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Obinna | The Nigerian Women – A Sad Reality

Obinna | The Nigerian Women – A Sad Reality 


No one demeans themselves more than the Nigerian woman. Her perfect relationship is one she’s paid to be in. Sex for her must come with exchange of money or material THINGS. The epitome of her womanhood is all about what material things she can get out of being female and being sexually active.

She’ll take offense at being called a prostitute yet the most educated and exposed among them will gladly sell prostitution as the best thing a woman can be… Only that it will NOT be called PROSTITUTION. It must have a fancy name or description. It is the word that offends not the act. As far as the average Nigerian woman is concerned, sex has a monetary price attached to it somewhere as a matter of fact.

Sadly, the biggest mistake anyone can make is to try to correct this impression. Mothers encourage their daughters to look for rich men. Sisters, aunts, friends actively help too. For now, those who actively engage in scouting for and sleeping with rich men on a regular basis are called runs girls. Others who do so codedly are called sharp babes. And all manners of epithets.

With this sort of trend, can you sit and picture the Nigerian woman 50 years from now? Would they be people to be desired as companions or simply a pay-as-you-go generation where they are approached more as merchandise than as humans?

There is a trend on saying no to rape yet a little survey on if a woman will take money or report rape, over 98% of women opted to take money… And even justifies it that the free sex they’ve been having with their boyfriends has not paid them. Or as they put it, “who police epp” and “who boyfriend epp”. This mindset make it a huge joke, the campaign to stop sexual harassment.

Our women are increasingly incensed to accept, by fellow women, that having a financial value over their body and emotions are okay. So it is only rape when women do not get paid for sex. If he forces the woman at gunpoint and pays her then it’s fair game. This is sadder than one can imagine.

I know women will want to discredit this post but before you do, just do this survey on your wall. Post this:

“Your Boss rapes you and offers you N20 million afterwards. Would you accept it or report it to the police?”.

The feedback you get from this post will tell you 2 things. Firstly that the average Nigerian woman is the most potent enabler of rape and violence against women and secondly, that the average Nigerian girl actually sees herself as a prostitute at heart. It doesn’t matter how nasty this sounds but make such a post and see for yourself.

Womanhood in this country is on its last throes of life and I doubt if it will even exist 10 years from today. Womanhood is now an endangered species. The sad part about it that makes it lost ironical, is that it is actually being killed by women themselves!

Please share this post if you think the opinions expressed is worth discussing.

(P. S. I am not expecting anything less than a spirited defence from our women how this is not true. It will however not change the facts as it stands today. I don’t expect a lot of likes either. Our women must actually be right no matter what they do… That’s the new norm)

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