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Nigeria | Young Boy Invents Fan That Lasts For ‘Almost’ Eternity

Nigeria | Young Boy Invents Fan That Lasts For ‘Almost’ Eternity 

– Ismail Akwei

13-year-old Nigerian boy invents fan that lasts hours without electricity.

A 13-year-old Nigerian boy from Imo state hit the spotlight for inventing a battery-operated fan that can last up to 19 hours without electricity.

Ukoma Michael’s invention which was widely covered by local media in August, was timely as Nigeria faces years of intense power crisis characterized by several unannounced daily power cuts.

The handmade fans branded Blue Wind, are made from aluminium and wires. They are in two varieties including round and rectangular table top fans.

Ukoma Michael who hopes to establish his own company to invent fans and aircraft, packages the fans himself for sale.

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