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Nigeria | FG Warns Against Crowdfunding for Ransom

Nigeria | FG Warns Against Crowdfunding for Ransom 

-Anthony Ailemen 

The Federal Government has warned relatives of kidnapping victims against engaging in crowdfunding and paying ransom to kidnappers.

Abubakar Badaru, minister of defence, gave the warning while fielding questions from State House journalists after the FEC meeting presided over by President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday.

The minister, who spoke on the havoc being done by rampaging terrorists and kidnappers across the country, especially the nation’s capital, Abuja, admitted that the kidnapping was high within the FCT area councils.

“We know Mr. President called us and all the service chiefs to discuss this issue. So, security agencies are making concerted efforts to stop it immediately.

“These kidnappings happen around the suburb, around locations that are bothering Kaduna and Niger. This is a result of the current operations going on in the northwest and some parts of north-central.

“The bandits are fleeing, and they are getting shelters around these areas, and the security agencies are working very hard to push them out, block the movement, and finish this thing once and for all.

He stated that the “president has given us the marching order and all the support that we need and what the security agencies need to end this thing.”

Reacting to the issue of crowdfunding to pay ransom, Badaru said there is an existing law that prohibits the payment of ransom to kidnappers

“We all know that there is an existing law against the payment of ransom. So, it is very sad for people to go over the internet and radio asking for donations to pay ransom.

“This will only worsen the situation; it will not help the situation, as you have seen. Initially, they asked for N60 million and now, because of this funding, somebody has already raised N50 million through friends and media, and the kidnappers jacked up the ransom.

“We believe we have to stop, as painful as it is, responding to requests for ransom. If we stop, over time the kidnapping will not be profitable, and they will stop.

“It is not easy, though, but that is the law that you are known by. So, we want to call on the people to manage the kidnapping situation intelligently and quietly, because talking too much about it, especially raising funds through the public and media, is not productive at all and should be discontinued.”

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