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In Lagos Nigeria, “The Village” Encourages Co-Working

In Lagos Nigeria, “The Village” Encourages Co-Working 

Tony Igwe – The Village, Nigeria. 

Some people do not understand the concept, I had a friend who came to see me once in the village, he was confused to have seen different companies and business working in the same space.

His first question was?

Are you guys working for one company?

I smiled, and in my mind, I remembered that there are a lot of people who have not heard about the concept of coworking in our fast-rising tech eco-system.

Coworking was birthed as a result of the rise of Tech start-up companies, there is a need for a working environment which allows for a small start-up to collaborate in a community like work environment, this will enable growth and rapid scale up.

So a coworking space is a work environment where different startups can work and grow, we create the environment and needed facility for their growth at a fee.

Truth be told, coworking is the future of how this generation will work, it will be either you are working remotely or from Coworking space.

You can ask, what are the benefits?
why should I work from a coworking space?

Tobi is a data Analysis ( Tobi is a real villager by the way and an actual data analyst ) and Kehind is a digital marketer, they both work beside each other and they are two different companies.

Kehind needs to analyse her market growth and put out some data for her client, all she needs to do is whisper to tobi, she tells him what she needs to be done and he gets it done on the house.

Sweet, Fast and Easy.

And there is also a lot of networking going on in a Coworking community take advantage now and come work with us.

If you are.

Welcome to The Village, Lagos – Nigeria.

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