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Honorable Onofiok Luke: Learning Continues

Honorable Onofiok Luke: Learning Continues 

Hon. Onofiok Luke

From Washington to Charlottesville, Virginia now to Kalamazoo, Michigan via Detroit, learning continues.

People who knew me before I met Obama expected the hardest part of my adjustment to working at the White House would be taming my outspokenness.

But when people asked, ” Do you miss having your own voice”. I could barely fathom the question.

“ The reason I was exercising my voice before was to influence people in jobs like the one I now have”,I would say “ A voice is not an end in itself” —- Samantha Power in ‘The Education Of An Idealist’.

Me: How do you raise that voice to push for things to be done in our climes the way they should be as an insider without being labeled and political motives being read into it? Hope I find answers.
International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

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