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Dian | 8 AI Tools And How They Can Aid Freelancing And Expertise

Dian | 8 AI Tools And How They Can Aid Freelancing And Expertise 

– Dian Ene Ise – Oluwa

As a young freelance model, singer and a businesswoman, usually I delve into many legitimate things that better my chances of increasing my visibility as well as better my expertise. These days, with the presence and availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which adds color to many creative projects we handle, my crafts get better. This does not mean that I would rely entirely on AI to my bidding. In my searches, discovery and application of some of the AI tools, I have noted some with really efficient output which could be of need to you, if you do not already use them.

Here are 8 AI tools which could work wonders for you. I always recommend that as a user of AI tools, it is always important to read the terms of agreement while registering so as to be properly guided in knowing what you would be interacting with. Here we go…

  • is an AI powered resume builder that automates resume writing. Using GPT-4, it creates a delailed resume within a twinkle of an eye. which adds when prompted, cover letter, resume optimization, etc. This helps freelancers like myself and entrepreneurs like you craft professional resumes instantly.
  • is an AI video creation platform that is designed to make simple your video making without actually dropping the quality while also leveraging computer vision and other models guiding users through the video production process.
  • is an AI design tool that simplifies creating high-quality visuals, images, illustrations, and graphics which is powered by GANs. It generates customized designs tailored to specific projects. This appeals to fashion designers, graphic designers and other visual creatives.
  • is an AI content repurposing platform that automates syndicating existing content across multiple social platforms from a single upload. It also streamlines content distribution and appeals to social media marketers.
  • is an AI platform for chatbot development without coding through an intuitive GUI. This platform empowers building intelligent conversational agents, appealing to businesses seeking automation.
  • is a virtual assistant that automates routine business tasks through AI which simplifies workflows. It appeals to businesses seeking to streamline processes and focus resources.
  • is an AI powered content repurposing tool that optimizes existing content for distribution on various platforms. It appeals to content creators seeking to maximize their reach.
  • is a free SEO optimization tool which provides actionable AI insights. It appeals to online marketers seeking to improve their organic search and performance.

I hope you found something that would be helpful in your pursuits. cheers!

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