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Coronavirus | At A Glance, A summary Of The Developments In The Outbreak

Coronavirus | At A Glance, A summary Of The Developments In The Outbreak 

-Kate Lyons | The Gaurdian

Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include:

1. Global Deaths Pass 40,000. 
Data collected by Johns Hopkins University researchers show at least 42,332 people have died across the world. At least 860,000 people have been infected.

2. White House warns US deaths could reach 240,000. 
Donald Trump said the country should expect a “very, very painful two weeks” as officials predicted 240,000 deaths in the US. The death toll from the virus in the country passed 4,000 and is greater than that reported by China (3,309). California governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that the number of Covid-19 hospitalisations in the state had nearly doubled over the past four days and the number of ICU patients tripled during that time.

3. France, Spain, Russia And The UK Record Their Highest Daily Deaths On Tuesday. 
Tuesday was a deadly day across Europe, with the largest increases in the number of deaths from the coronavirus in a number of countries. UK deaths were up 381 from 1,408 on the previous 24 hours – representing a 27% day-on-day increase – by far the biggest the country has experienced.

4. US Navy Captain Asks Permission To Isolate 4,000 Crew Members In Guam. 
The captain of US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is asking for permission to isolate the bulk of his roughly 5,000 crew members onshore after several sailors became infected with Covid-19. The carrier is currently in port in Guam. Captain Brett Crozier called for decisive action and said “sailors do not need to die”.

5. Japan Remains On The Brink Of A State Of Emergency. 
The rate of coronavirus infections in Japan continues to increase, its top government spokesman said on Wednesday.

6. Turkmenistan Bans Media From Using The Word “Coronavirus”. 
An international media freedom watchdog says the autocratic ex-Soviet nation of Turkmenistan has banned the media from using the word “coronavirus”. Reporters Without Borders said people wearing face masks or talking about the coronavirus are liable to be arrested by plainclothes police.

7. Twenty-Eight US Students Test Positive After Spring Break In Mexico. 
A group of students who spent to celebrate spring break at Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas beach resort have tested positive for coronavirus after returning to Texas, although Mexican officials pushed back against the suggestion that they picked up the virus at the tourist spot. The 28 confirmed cases are self-isolating and dozens more are under quarantine while being monitored and tested, the city of Austin said in a statement on Tuesday, drawing attention to possibly low detection of cases in Mexico.

8. Saudi Arabia Urges Muslims To Wait Before Making Hajj Plans. 
The kingdom has asked pilgrims to wait until there is more clarity about the pandemic. In March the Umrah pilgrimage was suspended.

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