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Cmr Ikuli: Happy 60th Birthday To The Pillar Of The Igali Dynasty ,H.E Amb G.B Igali ,PhD ,00N.

Cmr Ikuli: Happy 60th Birthday To The Pillar Of The Igali Dynasty ,H.E Amb G.B Igali ,PhD ,00N. 

Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli 

Comrade Wisdom, a Nigerian has taken to platforms to express birthday wishes and beautiful memories of his “Father”, Ambassador Godknows B. Igali on his birthday, a special day as he marks another year, clocking 60!

Wisdom who is known for his Comradeship and Leadership acumen is one of Nigeria’s strong voices in the South of Nigeria. He has held positions where he added value by making and impacting in the lives of so many people, both young and old. His “Father”, Ambassador Igali is known as an Icon, a Leader and Mentor to many upright men and women in the African society today and as records have it, he served as a former two-time Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Power in Nigeria respectively, under the Goodluck Jonathan regime. In those offices at the time, it is believed that Igali served satisfactorily and reached out to all. Evident that he is loved by all!

Below is what Wisdom shared…

“I grew up calling him as Daddy, just as very one in my generation in the Igali’s dynasty calls him Daddy.

I was educated by him from my primary to university education just as every one from my generation down in Igali’s dynasty till today is still under his free education policy .

There is a Moses in every family on earth,all that he had ,he used it to laid a proper educational foundation for us.He had been a father figure in all my challenges and successes. His roles and support in my life can not be over emphasized.

Just as he did in Igali’s dynasty,I am aware he had trained countless persons not related to him ,supported so many to get employed, empowered so many to have a better living and impacted so many people in society positively.

For me ,the vital roles he had played in society earned him global recognitions.But the challenge before me is to beat his unbeatable track records of service and a timidating profile .

It is a well knowing facts that ,my Father and mentor is a leading world class award winning author,seasoned administrator,world class diplomat,world class conflict resolution expert, technocrat,Lover of Education,peace maker, a political colossus,a disciplinary, a mentor ,an embodiment of wisdom, patriot, debribalized Nigerian, and bridge builder.I am particularly grateful to God for all your achievements and still counting.

Today you are a blessing in all ramifications ,a Global Citizen,a precious Gold ,a Global Brand , Priceless Asset,an intellectual giant ,caring and loving Father.I am very proud of you .

Today being your 60th Birthday ,I celebrate you as one of your numerous sons on earth.

May God bless you with sound health and keep you safe for us.cheers,Love you Daddy.”

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