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Chikezie: Still On Intellectual Properties

Chikezie: Still On Intellectual Properties 

Ugo Chikezie

One of the reasons why most people don’t value intellectual properties is because they see it free on social media. They don’t know that most of us who write here actually invest a lot of time, money and energy in studying, researching and acquiring knowledge.

The least you can do is show appreciation to people who deprive themselves of some basic life pleasures to keep updating their minds with knowledge and also share the knowledge free of charge on social media.

In developed countries, they understand that reading does to the mind what food does to the body. Hence, they place a premium on intellectual properties. As a matter of fact, in some serious counties, people are paid to think and those in that category are not denied the fruit of their labour.

Only those who don’t understand this have the mindset that TALK IS CHEAP. No one will feel good after he/she has invested so much time, energy and money to acquire knowledge and share it freely and then someone somewhere will trivialise it with a crass sentence ‘TALK IS CHEAP’. Well for me, serious talks are not cheap.

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