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Chad Sets Up Ad-hoc Committee To Put An End To Power Cuts

Chad Sets Up Ad-hoc Committee To Put An End To Power Cuts 

Agence Ecofin

In Chad, the Minister of Energy has announced the establishment of an ad-hoc committee to reduce the electricity deficit which induces load shedding in N’Djaména and in several other cities of the country. This committee will be made up of technicians from the ministry and consumer representatives.

In Chad, the Ministry of Energy plans to set up an ad-hoc committee to find solutions to the wave of frequent power cuts that shakes the country. The news was announced by Ramatou Mahamat Houtouin, the Minister of Energy.

The committee will be made up of engineers and technicians from the Ministry of Energy to which will be associated with representatives of the association for the defense of consumer rights and will aim to support the National Electricity Company of Chad (SNE) in deficit management.

Thus, the members of the committee will ensure the field monitoring of the load shedding and help to distribute energy more equitably. This distribution will favor health and safety organizations such as hospitals, health centers, military barracks and large institutions.

The committee will also relaunch discussions with SNE partners to increase the country’s electricity production capacity. Maintenance programs for existing installations will also be implemented to improve the quantity of energy available in the country, the minister said.

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