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Celebrating Ebi!

Celebrating Ebi! 

Excited Fan! 

I decided to take some courses on product management this year and I got financial aids on Coursera to take about 10 introductory courses. I opted for Coursera before paid courses because I wanted to cut cost at this initial stage, but between Saturday and yesterday, I used up 10GB of data on online classes.

Reminder to self: Knowledge is not cheap. There’s no shortcut/easy way to success.

Last night, my friend, Earl shared about Ebi Atawodi who recently moved from being the Product Manager at Uber (West Africa) to the Director of Payment at Netflix, I went to look her up and my mind was literally blown. Went from LinkedIn to Twitter to IG. I’m probably going to spend this week seeking out other wonderful product managers, particularly people like me.

While on Twitter, I saw that Product School listed Ebi as one of the most influential black product leaders making a difference in the industry. I checked out PS and saw that taking a 2 month course with them cost over $4k, I hope I’ll be able to afford them in the nearest future. For now, I’ll enjoy the free PM textbook that I got from them.

This is to celebrate Ebi for her new win and to thank her for blazing the trail for people like me. Congratulations, Ebi! I’m coming right behind you!

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