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Ocholi Esq: Broke Don’t Always Mean Bankrupt .

Ocholi Esq: Broke Don’t Always Mean Bankrupt . 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq.

We have all been broke at different times but some of us have never and will never been bankrupt.

You need to learn to understand that temporary setbacks aren’t permanent losses. We all will go through seasons and in some of them, everything will question everything we represent or have worked for.

The way you know that broke doesn’t mean bankrupt is that potential earnings or expectation of business or what’s on course will extinguish the crisis once it comes through.

What to do when broke happens is to make sure it doesn’t dampen your capacity to dream, hope and press on. If it gets to you and incapacitates you, bankrupt will happen fast.

See, we all rise through storms and like a famous person said, “even the storm runs out of rain.”
That’s it. Another author says “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Have this in mind.

As you do this, you will learn to maintain the same posture and candour with or without money. Recognising that we are only temporarily unable to dispense cash but it’s coming all back or together.

Stop letting your temporary setback make you act like your life is over. Stand up and carry on like you have hope because you actually do.

The other thing being broke does to us is that it helps us examine how we got broke. We must learn to have this calm examination of ourselves and ask ourselves what happened. It is not every time that life happens that it happens from the external. We are also often responsible for the decisions that got us in derision.

Now, stand up and work!

Happy Monday.

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