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Be Consistent, Remain Consistent!

Be Consistent, Remain Consistent! 

I have learnt to remain consistent.

Seasons come and go but I don’t want seasons to define me and alter my character.

So, in rain, rejoice.
In the sun, smile all the same.
When it’s all dry, don’t drag, smile.

It is the same habit of consistency you must have to money.
If you let your being financially humble or broke break your character and make you inconsistent; relationships around you will suffer and you will loose more than money.

People will do things to you that will tempt you to loose your character. You will have to remain consistent with who God has called you to be and not what people push, pressure and hit at you to be.

Sometimes, you will actually momentarily loose yourself. You will find yourself reacting as people deserve but way below your mark. They will even accuse you of being Satan for this after deliberately or inadvertently tripping you. No worries, go past that moment and get back to who you are.

Most of us have suffered shipwrecks by the hands of those we trusted. We have had to pay bills we didn’t bargain for because people lie and despitefully used us. We have been accused of things we didn’t do and punished for wrongs we didn’t commit. We have all seen many things but one thing is certain, as long as we held unto who God made us and remain consistent with virtue, lies will fade, rumors will die, truth will emerge and vindication will happen.

Consistency is how you also build through adversity. Never through in the towel and give up just because Satan is busy. The harder he tries, the more you should assert your victory through Christ!

I tell you the truth my dear friends, consistency is how you get even Satan tired of trying to stop you.

Remain firmly rooted on your lane and nothing can stop you!

Ocholi Okutepa Esq

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