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Auquotes: Dear Young Professionals, Keep Personal And Professional Life Apart

Auquotes: Dear Young Professionals, Keep Personal And Professional Life Apart 

Phillip Asuquo

Dear young professional, some clients turn to family but keep your professional life and personal life separated. The only place they should relate is where your personal values sustains your professional value. While at that, be human.

I have clients I have worked with for over 5 years and I found out that the ones that I still have a cordial relationship with are the ones that understand when ‘life’ happens and are more concerned about my well-being because they understand I need to be well to be able to take care of their business or brand.

I have had rare a occasion where a client that stays abroad cried over what she thought had happened to me and was relieved and delighted to see it wasn’t me it happened to.

I remember going really soft in the heart to hear that she was that worried about my well being.

I have clients that went through rough patches too before or after we commenced work together. I understood with them and waited for them to get back on track.

Truth is, lastly we are all humans using our God-given abilities to help businesses and other endeavors thrive. Let’s be humans and connect beyond the jobs at hand.

I have come to know and have taught in my sessions that one thing that gives you value is your personal values. Your client can love your work but having personal values that they love and share too creates something deeper between you.

Have the right personal values.

Dear client, connect deeper with that professional that gives you value when you see you’d have him or her for the long run. Be part of their life when life happens to them too.

Build your career along with the right personal values. Connect with a client or consultant beyond just professional input. Let your values be a determinant because it will determine how long you’d last together to a large extent.
Above all, be human. Be human when life happens. Support, empathize, move along.

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