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Asuquotes: Coronavirus | Our Activities Are Useless Without Other Humans

Asuquotes: Coronavirus | Our Activities Are Useless Without Other Humans 

Phillip Asuquo | PAQ

Isolation? Some of us have lived an Isolated life and only come out to engage, work, shop or chill once in a while way before this isolation announcement.

The world, as we knew it, has changed big time. Some of us were already living in that change before the new decade brought it.

After this Corona scare has been contained, life won’t be as usual. Business, education, etc will require a lot of virtual accessibility and structures.

Governments will have to become smarter and do better at investing in intelligence and intelligent projects because obviously, all the houses government officials build and the money they stash can become useless in the face of a pandemic threat to living.

At the bottom line, humanity must go back to what it really means to be human. All the selfish ambitions and drives should slow down. We are all we’ve got. God’s got us, we should get our paths straight with other humans.

Truth is, our activities are useless without other humans. This period is a lesson in that, for us.

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