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Asuquotes | Be That “More” To Get Much More

Asuquotes | Be That “More” To Get Much More 

Coach Asuquotes | BrandStrategyMastermind

I recently went to buy a shirt and it was way more than what I budgeted. There were other cheaper shirts but I went right for that one that I needed because the quality was higher and paid the price for it. The next day, I walked into certain places to work wearing it and got paid what was worth way MORE than the cost of the shirt. I also got a lot of admiration and people asking me for my shirt plug as well as telling me “I didn’t know you can handle certain things around my business” after I caught their attention and went ahead to strike some deals with me.

There’s always a price to pay to get certain level of attention and income. Sometimes it’s in simple investments into how we or our brands appear.

What’s the worth of what you want to do, first to you, and then to others?

What does it cost you to put together that very thing you want to give out as value to people and have them return value to you in form or payment?

It will cost you something.
Make no mistakes about it.

You can’t bank on hope alone when it comes to giving and getting value at a certain level.

You will need to make a commitment of time, finances and other resources at certain levels and at certain stages of your growth.

There is a stage you grow to and you don’t need cheap ways to do what you want to do. You may bootstrap when starting out but as you grow, don’t limit yourself and reach by still having the small mindset you had when starting out.

Why? Because when you grow, more is expected of you. Be that more. The more you become, the more you get. Give more to get more. Be more to attract more.

For example, if you started out with roadside graphics and poor video quality for your brand, as you grew, you’d need to invest more to get better quality. Grow in that “more” direction.

What level of value do you want to get or give out? It depends a lot more on the “more” you invest into it.

Don’t expect people to give you much more when you put in less that isn’t worth much into achieving what you want, all the time.

Some people price for a better quality of what they want to get and say they can’t pay more to get it. They rather stick to the cheaper ones and get cheap results. Pay the price to get more. Some people engage a professional and want to pay him or her less but expect more.

You have to be MORE to be in the ilk of people who attain and achieve MORE.

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