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Ask Ebuka | What To Do About The 5 Keys To Finding And Keeping The right Partner

Ask Ebuka | What To Do About The 5 Keys To Finding And Keeping The right Partner 

 – Ebuka J. Anichebe (Ask Ebuka)

Show your hands if you would like to learn the 5 keys to finding and keeping the right partner. I can see one, two and three hands… nice so let’s delve into the five crucial aspects you need to master for a lasting relationship.

  • Spiritual Alignment: Growing old together requires a spiritual connection. It’s about sharing virtues and values that go beyond the tangible. Transparency, honesty, and a shared relationship with God build the foundation. Remember, spiritual alignment is key!
  • Mental Alignment: While monotonous thinking is beneficial, respecting each other’s thought processes is equally crucial. Align on worldviews and paradigms, especially in significant matters like raising children and financial decisions. It’s all about understanding and respecting each other’s perspectives.
  • Emotional Attunement: A minimum level of emotional care is essential. Being emotionally attuned ensures a strong connection, fostering a healthy and supportive relationship. Emotional alignment is the glue that keeps couples together.
  • Economic Viability: A successful relationship is economically viable. Ensure you can meet each other’s needs without strain. Financial alignment prevents unnecessary stress and ensures a harmonious partnership.
  • Physical Attraction: Don’t underestimate the power of physical attraction. Being in the best possible position for your spouse ensures you’re always on their mind. Keep the flame alive to nurture a thriving connection.

If you find these keys to growing old together intriguing and have other secrets, do share, please.


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