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After Days Of Lockdown In Quincy-USA, Jude Erondu Steps Out Into The Woods For Air Therapy

After Days Of Lockdown In Quincy-USA, Jude Erondu Steps Out Into The Woods For Air Therapy 

It would be recalled that the USA as well as several other countries in the world put strict orders on movement across and within in a bid to drastically curb the menace of the novel Covid-19 ravaging the world. A Youth and Service Development Advocate, Jude Erondu had earlier expressed how he missed work, the day-to-day activities and all that had to do with it, especially under the period of the compulsory stay-at-home order.

Jude who is a Finance expert and Senior Advisor with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network in the USA took to a platform to express the joy he felt stepping out of his home to get real air, from so many number of days at home at a time.

He said… A cool escape into the woods for an early morning hike. For inside thee nature, I find tranquility, strength rejuvenated, and beauty for that which you are bestowed with. Thanks to my friend Tony who brought up with the suggestion to escape into the woods! Unfortunately there is no camel to ride!

For close to 30 days, the Quincy area of Massachusetts in the USA had been on a lockdown. It is not certain how many fatal cases of the novel there has been, but one thing certain is that a lot of people are recovering from the Coronavirus in the USA as Doctors and Paramedics go all out to banter the menace and restore the World back to sanity. While on the lock down, citizens observed isolation and social distancing as measures to aid in curbing what seems to be stealing the joy from the people of the world. Citizens however are beginning to make isolation fun so it doesn’t bore people to the ceiling. Having lone walks, etc have been practiced by several citizens in place of staying indoors all day, especially in the mornings as this is now a therapy while it also provides the body with needed vitamins that come from the Sun.

Jude and the rest of the world cannot wait for this cold-dream to be over.

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