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A Better Future Starts Here With Espam Formation University

A Better Future Starts Here With Espam Formation University 

We are a modern University with a proud tradition of building and maintaining functional academic platforms for many French and English speaking students in the West African region.

The University of the First Class

We emphasize top national programs with a public mission, an affordable cost, and a culture that welcomes talented, diverse students with unlimited potential.

Impact focused education

We’re contributing to technological revolutions and a safer and healthier future by working to find solutions to the challenges of our time.

Leaders by design

We are building our students to be game changers in today’s workplace and leaders to unleash the opportunities of the African continent.

From Benin with Love

Espam Formation University was built by and for the people of Africa to make create a more vibrant continent culturally, scientifically and economically.

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What starts here changes the world

As a top global university, Espam Formation University pushes the boundaries of discovery to make a better world while providing students with life-changing opportunities.

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Top Ranked Academics

Whether you’re a scholar of the sciences, humanities or arts, we offer dozens of top-ranked programs with a proven record of success. Together we are working to change the world through groundbreaking research and cutting-edge teaching and learning techniques.

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  • Zone D’ambassade, Beside Hotel Paloma -06 BP:1738 Cotonou.
  •  +229 6765 7498

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