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What To Do When Things Don’t Seem To Work Out As Planned – Wisdom O. Ikuli

What To Do When Things Don’t Seem To Work Out As Planned – Wisdom O. Ikuli 

Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli, Nigeria | Author/ Human Rights Activist/ Non Violence Practitioner

I’m on a mild hold-up now and I just saw this Car (Corolla Salon) parked in front of me which made me flash back and also ponder on so many things.

Many years ago I prayed, desired and longed to buy this car but it was not forthcoming so I felt I was not making enough progress. My Wife just told me that I cannot buy this today even for my children which is very true. It is not pride or whatever, but my children will actually laugh if I take this kind of car home. It is human beings that drive this car, so I do not want you to get me wrong, but God has blessed one beyond this level now.

While growing up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, I lived in what we called Yard where the occupants of the over fifteen (15) room Building had only one Bathroom and Toilet. The toilet was not this modern one, rather it was the Bucket one that was usually evacuated by Night Soil Men. But today by the special grace of God, I cannot live in such environment again.


Let us learn to persevere. Let us learn to be patient. Let us learn to put our trust in God. Whatever you are going through is temporary. It is a test of your faith. You are going through a refining stage that will strengthen and prepare you for greater endeavours.

You must realize that nothing is permanent.

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